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On Monday, January 25th, we have launched our blog. Every week we will publish at least one new article. Our blog is multilingual, and we will post separate posts for different languages. Some posts will appear only in one language and not in another. The blog's theme is cybersecurity and trends in IT world and digital solutions with a focus on cybersecurity. We will also cover some interesting facts about the history of cybersecurity and digital technologies. We'll not miss a glimpse into the future of technologies and some interesting stories about people who lead to changes in the world of technology.

Technology & Competition

Technologies became an integral part of our life. Most people cannot imagine their life without the internet, smartphones, and other devices. 2020 has proved that following the technology trends is essential for any business that wants to thrive nevertheless what happens in the world. Not following it can be not just a small disadvantage but more harmful than you might think.

During shutdowns, lockdowns, and mandatory restrictions, some businesses succeeded and others failed. Why? Some companies made a smart decision and invested in technology. They have followed digital marketing trends and have had user-friendly websites with good SEO, Online Orders capabilities, and good marketing strategy. However, others relied only on old-way marketing and failed because they couldn't stand during an unexpected business operation shift. Were you ready for such a change in business operations? Have you adjusted everything?

What 2020 has taught all of us? Having a business website or other digital solutions is not a matter of choice. It is a necessity nowadays. Understandably, a website itself is not a guarantee of your success. Your website should not be only user-friendly and good-looking to give your business an advantage among your competitors and drive more traffic to your website. It must have some necessary functions and follow dynamic changes in technology trends, utilizing new IT solutions if needed.

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ADS Group - Your Strategic Partner

ADS Group is your ideal choice to solve all your digital issues. Our company consists of several professional teams with expertise in IT industries' specific fields. It gives us an advantage over other agencies. We have all needed experts and offer various services that you might need.

Our primary purpose is excellent service, high performance, and long-term partnership. The best reward for us is your satisfaction with our job.

Cybersecurity - Nowadays Necessity

Cybersecurity is what distinguishes us from our competitors exclusively. No other digital agency prioritizes cybersecurity on every step of developing and implementing the digital solution as we do. We believe cybersecurity must be an integral part of any IT solution nowadays. Don't be misled by thinking that cybersecurity important only for large corporations and government services. According to recent reports, more and more small and midsize companies in the USA have been aggressively attacked by cybercriminals for the last several years.

Recovery after an attack is more expensive than proactive protection. What is more important, damage to the reputation may cost more than you can imagine. Government authorities might place fines on some companies if the breach resulted from negligence. We can offer a cybersecurity package for any budget, even a tight one.

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Digital Marketing

Another specialty of our company is strategic digital marketing services. Our digital marketing team has more than 20 years of experience boosting businesses in different industries. They have expertise in hospitality, tourism, restaurants, café, shops, beauty salons, cosmetology, dentistry, real estate, winery, plastic surgery, etc. Our team utilizes proven methods and strategies and tries new innovative approaches, tactics, and tools. In our opinion, following the latest trends in digital marketing is crucial in our work.

Tips & Recommendations

Our blog's primary goal is to share useful tips and recommendations that would help you succeed online. We'll share our secrets of doing things, promoting business online, and what steps to follow to achieve your goals. Follow our blog with tips and recommendations and share your experience with our readers and us. We'll turn comments on very soon. You will find many useful articles here. Enjoy reading.


Besides articles with tips and recommendations, we will launch a training platform very soon. You will get useful courses about web development, digital marketing, and cybersecurity at different levels.


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